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Life Innovation -Regenerative Medicine: A road to a new era for life sciences-

Medical Consulting

Powerful hospital management support through appropriate business diagnosis-based business improvement

Regulations that support the backbone of hospital management, such as the health insurance reform and the nursing care insurance program, have gone through major changes; as a result, medical institutions are facing challenges including the clarification of their roles, separation of duties, and the need for collaboration.

Our hospital consultants help build appropriate business strategies aligned with the revision of medical repayment standards, promotion of the separation of duties, and enforcement of policies including comprehensive payment (e.g., diagnosis procedure combination [DPC])for medical facility management, while meeting the needs of the local community.

For academia and medical institutions

General hospital consulting service; medical clerk outsourcing, concierge outsourcing; medical clerk training; billing quality improvements, and other services

Research and analysis of academia and medical institution management

Services include:
  1. DPC classification – Groups Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ
    Target setting
  2. Hospital focus
    What should be the focus of the hospital? Advanced medical, general acute medical care + integrated community care, sub-acute medical care, etc. + integrated community care, long-term
    medical care?
  3. Set a milestone and confirm the evaluation method
  4. Current strategy analysis for actualization
  5. Introduction of regenerative medicine, etc.

For the industry

Providing advice for medical device clinical studies in general

Providing advice for medical device clinical studies in general

Services include:
  1. MAA documentation inspection and additional advice for missing information
  2. Comprehensive advice including the following, and necessary investigation related to the clinical application of the product:
    1. Planning product specifications conforming to the conditions of the cellular product manufacturing entity for a “tissue-engineered medical product / specific processed cells” or a “medical device”
    2. Understanding the permission and authorization systems and conditions required for the above manufacturing entity
    3. Understanding the validation, supporting evidence, documentation, drawings, and other information required for the above manufacturing entity
  3. Supervisory and operational management for CROs
  4. Providing a specific example of a detailed manufacturing protocol for tissue-engineered medical products

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