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Cell processing management system TEQS

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With the use of radio frequency identification( RFID) tags and bar codes attached to culture vessels and reagents, we enable patient identification and prevent the mix-up of specimens during the manufacturing process. The use of smart devices promotes a paperless environment within our cell processing facilities. Our solutions manage the cell processing schedule, allowing a smooth planning process from the initial date of cell processing to the scheduled date of cell therapy.

Coordinating our electronic health record system, medical image storage service, and maintenance (preventive maintenance) service makes a complete IT solution service for regenerative medicine a possibility.

Overview of Cell Processing Management System

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The cell processing mode is selected upon receiving a request from a medical facility. Subsequently, the cell processing schedule is set up in accordance with the mode protocols. After registration, each patient is assigned with a unique system-generated code which is used to manage patient information. The risk of private information being leaked is reduced by displaying only the minimally required information.The system checks on the operator’s everyday health status and whether the operator is undertaking proper sanitation measures such as washing hands after entering the cell processing facility. Operational efficiency is improved by reducing paper-based management work.By displaying the occupancy rate of specimen storage areas such as CO2 incubators, operators can quickly and easily decide whether or not to accept new specimens.

System configuration

Cell processing management

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Remote medical care system
Integrated medical information system
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